DevOps Blueprint

Our Approach

People over Process over Tools – this is the mantra of the DTO Solutions team. Balancing and integrating improvement strategies that work across all three of these aspects is the key to an IT Operations Improvement program that delivers meaningful business results.

People: The first step in any improvement process is to make sure your have the right people in the right place and empower them with the skills, knowledge, and tools that they will need to be successful. Whether you are a greenfield startup or an at-scale enterprise, you’ll need an organizational plan that builds on your existing capabilities as well as navigates any other constraints to achieve your business goal.

Process: Once you have organizational concerns worked out, you need to ensure you have the right processes in place to enable your people to meet the improvement goals. DTO stresses a system level approach to process design, where we strive to optimize processes at an organizational (business results) level, while also seeking to maximize the productivity of the individual participants in the process.

Tools: With the right people and the right process in place, selection and integration of tooling becomes a relatively straightforward task. DTO favors a toolchain approach to solution design where best of breed tooling is integrated into simple to operate, yet highly effective, solutions based on industry best practices.

The Blueprint

The DevOps Blueprint is about getting from the analysis and advice stage of the continual improvement cycle to where you have an actionable project plan ready to be implemented. Blueprints are a collaborative effort between DTO’s senior consultants and your organization’s key stakeholders. In addition to providing solution design services, DTO helps keep your team up to date on current and cutting edge best practices and
helps you gain consensus for the specified improvement projects.

The combined Blueprint team will rapidly establish improvement goals, design a process architecture to meet those goals, select a loosely-coupled toolchain to support the process architecture, develop a prioritized implementation plan.

The Deliverables

  1. The Blueprint process delivers the following implementation ready deliverables:
  2. Reference process architecture that supports your business’s goals
  3. Future state process map that implements the reference process architecture, becomes the target state for the improvement projects, and acts as a rallying point for the improvement team
  4. Reference toolchain design and individual tool selection
  5. Prioritized roadmap and tactical project plans to feed into your organization’s internal project management process