DevOps Benchmark

DTO’s DevOps Benchmark is a consulting service that provides you with visibility, metrics, and analysis on which successful DevOps improvement projects can be built. You’ll get clear and objective picture of the current state of your Development to Operations delivery pipeline as well as an understanding of where improvement efforts will have the most positive impact, where your organization’s investment will yield the best return, and what your organization’s next move should be.

DevOps Benchmark provides…

  • Visibility into what impacts time-to-market, cost, and reliability
  • Identification of the true cost of each process and where your sources of waste are
  • Understanding of where and how to apply improvement efforts for maximum return

DevOps Benchmark engagements are divided into two phases, the Mapping Phase and the Analysis Phase. The results of a DevOps Benchmark is actionable data and recommendations.

Mapping Phase

The Mapping Phase starts by documenting the flow of artifacts (software, configuration, data, infrastructure, etc.) and information (requirements, work assignments, notifications, documentation, etc. ) across your development to operations delivery pipeline. This provides an accurate picture of how your people, processes, and tooling interact to build and deliver your services. This is done by creating a current state map of the entire service delivery process, from requirements handoff all the way to a running service in a customer facing environment.


DTO creates this current state map by traversing your organization performing a series of interviews that result in documented roles, dependencies, activities, and deliverables. In addition to mapping the process, DTO also baselines each key step so there is a record of how much time it takes, how much effort goes into it, and what the reliability/risk really is.

The process map and metrics baseline becomes a set of artifacts that you can build on for the future. During your improvement efforts you can continue to update the map, refine your metrics, and make this a core part of your management arsenal

Analysis Phase

The Analysis Phase builds off of the results from the Mapping Phase. Once the current state process map and baseline are complete, DTO’s subject matter experts analyze the results to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and risks. This includes comparing the current state to industry best practices and emerging competitive trends.

When the results are delivered to your organization’s managers and key stakeholders, DTO will identify where improvement can be made, what the recommended course of action is (including alternatives and trade offs), and how taking that course of action would further your business goals.