DTO Solutions provides DevOps and automation solutions for large-scale and mission critical IT operations. Our consultants specialize in helping clients drive the inefficiency and unreliability out of their entire Development To Operations lifecycle.



Our specialty is helping companies who build and operate software as a revenue producing service. The majority of our clients are e-commerce, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), online gaming, and financial services firms.


We’ve worked with small startups just building out their infrastructure and large enterprises already operating on a global scale.



On average, our consultants have over 10 years of experience in demanding operational environments. Our group features diverse architecture, systems administration, software development, and business experience in financial, e-commerce, online gaming, social media, cloud scale and enterprises. With our service offerings we are able to bring our collective experience and cross-industry best practices into your organization in a cost-effective and low-risk manner.



Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards
Damon Edwards is a co-founder of DTO Solutions and has spent over 12 years working on both the technology and business ends of web operations. Damon, a frequent conference speaker and contributor to the dev2ops.org blog, focuses on DevOps and operational process topics for software-as-a-service, e-commerce, and cloud businesses. Damon is also active in the international DevOps community, including co-organizing DevOps Days conferences and co-hosting the DevOps Cafe podcast.

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Alex Honor

Alex Honor
Alex Honor is a co-founder of DTO Solutions and has 20 years experience building and running large scale enterprise and web software. Alex is a systems architect and automation solution designer. Alex leads DTO’s open source software efforts and develops management methodology using Lean and Agile principles. Prior to DTO, Alex led architecture at E*TRADE building their global web-facing brokerage infrastructure . Alex began his career at NASA Ames, building tools to support their super computer environments.

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Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson is a special consultant for DTO and dev2ops.org contributor. Lee has extensive experience in industrial control, financial services, and cloud scale operations. Lee pioneered the utilization of open source technology in financial services while he was Chief Technologist at E*TRADE Financial. He has also served as CTO at Hewlett Packard focusing on airline reservation systems and as CTO at Morphlabs where he converted Morphlabs private cloud product line to Open Stack.

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Consultants at large

Moses Lei

Greg Schueler Greg Schueler

Sascha Bates

Jeff Hulton Jeff Hulton

Karan Bedi Karan Bedi

Sharad Ramachandran

Owen Rubel

Bob Anderson Bob Anderson

Keith Hudgins Keith Hudgins